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Powerful Orgone pyramid - With Tensor ring- With higher dimension energies-Range over 5,000km) EMF,pollution protection.


This one is one of my favorite it's three in one. Powerful pyramid with Teotihaucan cubit lenths, tensor ring on top and golden orgone with higher dimension energies-Range over 5,000km or 3,000 miles) .
Can be used any way you like.
Great way to harmonize drinks food, put on top of the head.

Size: 5 by 7centimeters or 2 by 3 inches

Extra Large orgone Pyramid- With Tensor rings - And higher dimension energies-Range over 70,000km) EMF,pollution protection.


This is the biggest pyramid I make.

Extra large orgone pyramid 4.2kg.. Base 23 x 23cm Height 20cm 

It has a small pyramid inside the big one two tensor ring, cubit coil in the tip, 8 wrapped crystals.

 It has a 6 cm copper tube in the bottom that will act like a chembuster the energy will be more intense coming out at both ends of the copper tube..

Powerful pyramid  Orgone, with teensor rings - With higher dimension energies - As a Range over 70,000km or 40,000 miles) vertically and 6,000km 3,500miles Horizontal.