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AcuVac pendant - Standard Teotihuacan Unit (STU)


Size: copper wire.
Lenth 4 cm or 1-1/2"


What does it do:
It is an Amplifier of Energy
- A Protector
-A Provider
-Can be Programmed for Any Kind of Manifestation in One’s Life
-Amplifies Intentions
-Helps to Align the Physical Body with the Spiritual Body
-Placing an Object Inside the Structure Amplifies It’s Vibratory Energy
-Meditate with it to Increase Intuitive Abilities.

Powerful Orgone pyramid - With Tensor ring- With higher dimension energies-Range over 5,000km) EMF,pollution protection.


This one is one of my favorite it's three in one. Powerful pyramid with Teotihaucan cubit lenths, tensor ring on top and golden orgone with higher dimension energies-Range over 5,000km or 3,000 miles) .
Can be used any way you like.
Great way to harmonize drinks food, put on top of the head.

Size: 5 by 7centimeters or 2 by 3 inches