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Most Powerful Orgone Pendant - With 2 Tensor Ring - Range 5,000km -EMF protection

This one is MOST powerful Orgone pendant that I make. It comes with two Tensor Ring Teotihuacan (STU) interior, Empowerment Cubit 188MHZ exterior, STU blue coil cubit size, STU hook cubit size, a cooper tube, higher dimension energies, and crystals - Range over 5,000 kilometers at the ends of the copper tube (when the pedant is flat in the surface) and sideways rang of 2,000 kilometers - EMF protection - Positive energy. If you decide to purchase it make sure you resonate with it first. Its very powerful.
Diameter 6cm, or 2-1/2 inches
Height 1.5cm or 1/2 inch

Powerful Chembuster - Orgone - With higher dimension energies - Range 20,000km (Twenty thousand km) with Tensor rings


These chembuster have a range of 20,000km (Twenty thousand kilometers) 12,000 miles (five thousand and five hundred miles) .. A normal one its about 100 km. These ranges get checked with pendulums or dowsing. Any one can check the ranges just by using these pictures.
It comes with a Tensor ring witch helps to double the energy of this piece..


Size of tube 33mm or about 1 inch pipe
Lenth of tube 6 cm or 2.5 inches